Publications/ Promenade au zoo


2007. English / French. Publisher: Edition B42; Graphic Design: DeValence; Editors-in-chief: DeValence, Saadane Afif & Valerie Chartrain; ISBN-10: 2953034706 ISBN-13: 978-2953034707; 184 pages. Out of print.

Press release:

Promenade au Zoo, created in collaboration with Valérie Chatrain and Saâdane Afif in the framework of Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale in 2007, works both as a book and as the exhibition signage. Artist Saâdane Afif, invited as a curator, wanted to pay tribute to the work of Patrice Joly, director of Zoo Galerie in Nantes, and in this way to depict the portrait of one generation of artists. Each page of the book constitutes real size signage: one torn page becomes a caption, a series of pages placed side by side becomes a title. Thus, this small book constructs the exhibition as much as it reports it.

More about it on the website of DeValence.

images credits: devalence, valerie chartrain, saadane afif