Discursive/ Making spaces



MAKING SPACES concerns itself with the work of thought-provoking female or female-identified spatial practitioners (architects, urbanists, sociologists, curators, critics, etc.) and their respective approaches to our urban landscape. By bringing together protagonists and examining their practices MAKING SPACES provides a framework to present and develop ideas through workshops, talks, interventions, and exhibitions. 
There is also a website aiming at further improving practitioners’ visibility and create lasting networks.

Making spaces started in 2015 and expressed multiple formats until 2017 when it transformed into an online archive and databank. I co-animated and organized several dinners while set up the website.

MAKING SPACES was initiated by interdisciplinary cultural agency NICHE BERLIN* together with art historian Christina Landbrecht, architect Rosario Talevi, and Petunia editor Valérie Chartrain.

Image credits: valerie chartrain, niche berlin, mary scherpe